Product Range

You can still find them: traditionally ground spices. You can see and taste them in spice mill De Huisman, home base of Indie’s Welvaren.

A spice is a (dried) part of a plant, tree or fruit found only in tropical climates. Spices enhance and improve the flavour and aroma of food and are indispensable ingredients in most kitchens. Many spices originate from India, China and the Indonesian archipelago in particular. The name Indie’s Welvaren has everything to do with the origin of the spices and the rich history of De Huisman mill in which they are ground.

Product range
Indie’s Welvaren spice warehouse practically has all spices in its product range, ranging from mace to nutmeg and from vanilla pods to all types of pepper. Either whole or ground, in refillable packaging and in kitchen and table dispensers. We also have a large range of herbs, from Italian herbs to preserved herbs and from garlic powder to freeze-dried parsley. In addition, we also have a large range of organically grown spices and herbs. Come and discover the endless possibilities of spices and herbs in Indie’s Welvaren.

Sweet products
In addition to spices, Indie’s Welvaren also sells sweet products in which spices and herbs are processed, such as spiced gingerbread and spiced biscuits. They are traditional delicacies which used to be sold by the baker around the corner or which grandma used to bake in the old days. Cinnamon-flavoured rock too is a typically old Dutch product held in stock by us throughout the year.

Accessories, cooking books and other products
In addition, we also sell an extensive range of tools for using spices in the kitchen or at the table, such as carved wooden biscuit moulds, nutmeg graters and peppermills. Indie’s Welvaren further offers a book about the history of De Huisman mill. Finally, we have fun games and gift products all themed around spices, mills and the Dutch East India Company (VOC).